The EU Commission finds a measure helping an outdoor training centre not to constitute State aid for lack of affectation of interstate trade, based on the local origin of users (Glenmore Lodge)

SA.37963: Glenmore Lodge, UK* At the end of April, the European Commission announced that seven measures were found not to constitute State aid because they could not be reasonably expected to affect cross-border trade. The finding of no affectation of trade is rare. That seven measures were thought not capable of affecting trade is very exceptional. Perhaps the Commission is trying to signal to Member States that after years of widening the concept of State aid, the time has come to hold it back. Three of the measures concern hospitals or clinics in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic [SA.37432], Durmersheim, Germany [SA.37904] and Bad Nenndorf, Germany [SA.38035], respectively. The other four measures

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