Wolfgang Wurmnest

University of Hamburg

Wolfgang Wurmnest is Professor at the University of Hamburg, Chair for Private Law and Commercial Law since 2021. Prior to that, he held Chairs at the Universities of Augsburg and Hanover. He has published extensively on competition issues, with a focus on private enforcement and abuse of dominance cases.

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University of Hamburg


1221 Bulletin

Wolfgang Wurmnest German Private Enforcement : an overview of competition law


Germany is one of the European jurisdictions in which plaintiffs are particularly active in bringing actions for the enforcement of German and European competition (antitrust) law. Private enforcement of competition law as such is not a particularly new phenomenon in Germany, as courts have dealt with the so-called “antitrust defence” for many years and plaintiffs have also tackled certain abusive practices by dominant market players.

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Jürgen Basedow, Wolfgang Wurmnest Structure and Effects in EU Competition Law


Cette rubrique Livres recense et commente les ouvrages et autres publications en droit de la concurrence, droit & économie de la concurrence et en droit de la régulation. Une telle recension ne peut par nature être exhaustive et se limite donc à présenter quelques publications récentes dans ces (...)


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