Charles River Associates International (CRA) (London)

Uğur Akgün

Charles River Associates International (CRA) (London)
Vice President

Uğur Akgün is a vice president at CRA International. He specializes in applying the most advanced economic theory in merger, abuse of dominance, and dispute cases. He has substantial experience designing and implementing a wide range of theoretical models models that assist clients and regulators to understand the effects of mergers and regulatory actions. He has worked on projects in aerospace, automotive parts, broadcasting transmission, film exhibition, chemical, electricity generation, among others.


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1034 Bulletin

Daniel Donath, Robert Stillman, Uğur Akgün The EU Commission concludes that the merger of a financial trading platform and a financial data provider will lead to an incentive to raise rival costs due to its dominance on the market if conditions are not met (Refinitiv / London Stock Exchange Group)


LSEG/Refinitiv : Modelling of efficiencies in non-horizontal mergers* The Commission’s non-horizontal merger guidelines acknowledge that vertical mergers provide substantial scope for efficiencies but also outline an efficiencies assessment based on the framework developed in horizontal (...)

Oliver Latham, Uğur Akgün The UK Competition Authority clears the acquisition of a minority shareholding and certain rights in a food delivery company in its first application of the “failing firm” defence (Amazon / Deliveroo)


On 4 August 2020 the CMA cleared Amazon’s proposed minority investment in Deliveroo. Having previously been concerned that the investment could damage competition by discouraging Amazon from re-entering restaurant food delivery in the UK and altering its competitive incentives in respect of (...)


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