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Thomas Hoehn

Antitrust & TradeRx (Zurich) , Imperial College Business School (London)
Affiliated Consultant NERA Economic Consultants (Berlin, London)

Thomas Hoehn is a vastly experienced economist with a background in applied economic research, business consulting, regulation and public policy advice. He was a Visiting Professor at Imperial College Business School from 2003 – 2009 and Director of the Intellectual Property Research Centre at Imperial College until 2013. He previously held teaching and research positions at the University of Zurich and the London School of Economics. From 2009 to 2017 Tom was a Panel Member of the UK Competition Commission (since 2014 part of the Competition and Markets Authority) and was a Member of the Communications Act Panel and a Member of the UK Competition Commission’s Remedies Standing Group. Tom has spent his career analysing markets and competition and has held senior management and advisory positions with several major international consulting firms. In the course of his consulting career, he has advised clients on business issues, market and brand analytics, regulatory disputes in over 100 assignments and prepared expert evidence in many antitrust litigation proceedings across Europe and in Australia. He has worked with leading law firms in London, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Vienna and Zürich. Tom is a frequent panellist and conference speaker reporting on research and commenting on topical economics and antitrust policy issues. He regularly acts as a Monitoring Trustee for the European Commission and as Monitor for the US Federal Trade Commission.


12083 Bulletin

Thomas Hoehn The Austrian Federal Competition Authority clears in phase II a merger in the Austrian telecommunications sector subject to conditions, including the divestiture of infrastructure, additional wholesale offers and price reductions (Telekom Austria/eTel Austria)


The operation Telekom Austria AG is the incumbent telecommunications provider in Austria. eTel Austria (eTel) is a full range telecommunication services provider with a focus on business customers and fixed line services. The proposed acquisition of eTel by Telekom Austria was notified to the (...)

Thomas Hoehn The Swiss Commission of Appeals for Competition Matters upholds an appeal to a decision of the NCA prohibiting the acquisition of common control of a free daily newspaper but made it subject to a remedy (Berner Zeitung / Tamedia)


The operation Espace Media Group SA (EMG) through Berner Zeitung AG and Tamedia AG were planning to acquire through a joint undertaking stakes in the free daily newspaper ‘20 Minuten’. EMG is active in newspaper publishing, the electronic media sector, local radios and internet platforms. (...)

13141 Revue

Bruno Lasserre, Claude Lazarus, Francis Amand, Frédéric Jenny, Jean Courtial, Laurence Idot, Stanislas Martin, Thomas Hoehn Colloque : Remèdes et engagements dans le nouveau contrôle des concentrations, 18 décembre 2008, Paris


Depuis sa création en 2004, la revue Concurrences organise un colloque. Les thèmes abordés ont naturellement été variés : de l’adaptation du système français au règlement n° 1/2003 à la place de la concurrence dans le traité de Lisbonne en passant par les questions de banque et de finance et la réforme (...)

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