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Theano Karanikioti

Centre for IT & IP Law (CiTiP) (KU Leuven) (Brussels)

Theano is a researcher with CiTiP KU Leuven, based in Brussels, she practices in the area of EU competition law, with a focus on issues arising in telecommunications and high-tech industries. She has also been working extensively on regulatory initiatives affecting digital markets, in particular the EU’s Digital Markets Act.

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420 Bulletin

Damien Geradin, Theano Karanikioti The EU Commission clears a joint venture agreement between two mobile network operators and explains why their network sharing agreement does not raise competition concerns (INWIT/ TIM / Vodafone)


Network sharing and EU competition law in the 5G era : A case of policy mismatch* In January 2020, Vodafone Italia and Telecom Italia notified the Commission of a JV agreement to pool together their passive infrastructure. Under this agreement, Vodafone’s passive infrastructure is combined (...)

Damien Geradin, Theano Karanikioti The EU Commission issues a statement of objections regarding network sharing in the 2G/3G/4G technologies but misses an opportunity to provide guidance on future 5G network sharing agreements (O2 / CETIN / T-Mobile)


Network Sharing and EU Competition Law in the 5G Era : A Case of Policy Mismatch* Instead of working towards adopting a clear analytical framework for the assessment of NSAs under EU competition law, the Commission decided to launch proceedings in October 2016 and issue a Statement of (...)

3182 Revue

Konstantina Bania, Sean-Paul Brankin, Jean Cattan, Francis Donnat, Damien Geradin, Martin d’Halluin, Pierre Larouche, Theano Karanikioti, Alexandre de Streel, Joëlle Toledano, Pat Treacy, Daniel Zimmer The Digital Market Act


Le Digital Market Act (DMA) est né de la conjonction de trois éléments : du souhait de réguler quelques très grandes plateformes en ligne ayant acquis un pouvoir de contrôle substantiel sur l’accès aux marchés numériques ; de la perception des insuffisances et des lenteurs du droit de la (...)


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