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Spencer Weber Waller

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Spencer Weber Waller is a Professor at Loyola University of Chicago and the Director of the Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies. Professor Waller served as a staff law clerk for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. He also worked for the U.S. Department of Justice, first as a trial attorney in the Foreign Commerce Section of the Antitrust Division and later as a special attorney in the Chicago Strike Force of the Criminal Division. He then practiced at the Chicago firm of Freeborn & Peters. He was a full-time faculty member at Brooklyn Law School for ten years until joining Loyola in 2000. Professor Waller also serves as the Faculty Director of the Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies.



1935 Revue

Harry First, Spencer Weber Waller The future – politics, democracy and autonomy (Online markets and offline welfare effects : The Internet, competition, society and democracy - Oxford, 22 May 2017)


Il est enfin important d’analyser l’avenir et l’effet de la prévalence croissante de l’activité économique fondée sur l’algorithme sur la démocratie, les médias et l’autonomie personnelle. Les droits privés jouent un rôle important dans le maintien du lien entre l’antitrust et la démocratie. Internet (...)


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At a time of reckoning for the future of antitrust, this Liber Amicorum brings together a diverse collection of today’s leading thinkers to pay tribute to Albert Allen (Bert) Foer, founder of the (...)

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