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Simi Malhi

Hogan Lovells (London)
Lawyer (Trainee)

Sitting in a room with a senior lawyer is like learning by osmosis. By observing my supervisor every day, I get a feel for different ways to solve problems and interact with clients and colleagues. It’s given me great insight into what clients and managers expect. Our clients are in many different sectors which means, as a trainee, you’re exposed to a wide range of work. In my short time here, I’ve learnt that each client will have its own distinctive objectives and approaches to business, and you need to be on top of the latest developments in your clients’ industries, and tailor solutions to suit individual needs. The lawyers I’ve worked with are constantly reviewing commercial developments, anticipating their clients’ concerns and pre-emptively thinking of solutions. We’re a full-service law firm, so you can find expertise in almost every area of law. In real estate, I had to prepare a research note that had a commercial, litigation and tax element to it, and I was surprised at how easy it was to approach lawyers in different teams for advice. Everyone was genuinely happy to help. The firm prides itself on being collaborative and this is something I’ve found from experience. I got a strong sense of how collaborative we are on my induction too. It included the HL BaSE three-day seminar in London and junior lawyers across the European offices attended. It was fascinating to learn about the range of work our international colleagues do and how multiple offices work together on transactions. Our international reach also sets us apart. Because Hogan Lovells is the result of a merger of two established British and American firms, we have an equally strong presence in both Europe and America, while our competitors tend to be stronger on one side of the pond only. This means we can cater to clients with complex legal issues that need expertise in all key markets.

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Simi Malhi, Ciara Kennedy-Loest, Christopher Hutton, Matt Giles, Angus Coulter, Mark Jones The UK Competition Authority publishes guidance on forms of cooperation considered as temporarily permissible during the COVID-19 outbreak


Competition/antitrust laws generally require rival firms to operate on the market independently of each other and tolerate cooperation between competitors only in limited circumstances where any resulting loss of competition is clearly offset by consumer benefits. But as businesses scramble to (...)


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