CMS Cameron McKenna (London)

Sebastian Casselbrant-Multala

CMS Cameron McKenna (London)
Senior Associate

Sebastian Casselbrant-Multala joined CMS in July 2022. He focuses on EU/U.K. competition and antitrust matters. He has a broad range of experience before the European Commission, the Competition and Markets Authority, the U.K. High Court and the Swedish and Finnish competition authorities in matters relating to EU and national behavioural and transactional competition as well as regulatory law. He trained at a leading UK-based firm in London, and has previous experience from the London and Brussels offices of two US-based international law firms. 

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1081 Bulletin

Davina Garrod, Sebastian Casselbrant-Multala, Lennart Garritsen Foreign Investment : An overview of EU and national case law


Foreign investment restrictions and National Security laws have become important tools in States’ foreign policy-making, as well as a topic of great interest for investors, politicians, lawyers and economists alike. The US, through the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (“CFIUS”), arguably has the most established and restrictive National Security regime in the world. EU countries have been playing catch-up, and have recently agreed a framework approach to the screening of foreign direct investments (“FDI”) at a European level in order to protect security and public order, whilst a number of EU Member States (“Member States”) are upgrading their existing tools or introducing altogether new mechanisms to regulate FDI. Some Member States are going further still, seeking broader reform of European industrial policy in the pursuit of safeguarding or indeed promoting the creation of national or ‘European’ champions.


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