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Rosanna McCalips

Jones Day (Washington DC)
Lawyer (Associate)

Rosanna McCalips has 10 years of experience defending pharmaceutical companies against antitrust lawsuits alleging a variety of exclusionary conduct. These proceedings have included sham Citizen Petition filings with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), sham Hatch-Waxman Act patent infringement litigation, fraud on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), abuse of FDA Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Systems (REMS) programs, and product hopping. She was a member of the defense team in one of the few pharmaceutical antitrust cases to go to trial, helping to obtain a full defense jury verdict for Sanofi-Aventis US LLC against a claim of monopolization based on the filing of an allegedly sham Citizen Petition with the FDA.


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363 Bulletin

Sarah A. Geers, Jonathan Berman, Larissa Bergin, Rosanna McCalips, Ryan C. Thomas The US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit rules that showing the reverse payment settlement eliminated the possibility of an earlier generic entry is enough to infer anticompetitive effect (Endo / Impax)


In Short The Background : In the Supreme Court’s landmark 2013 decision in FTC v. Actavis, the Court determined that large payments by branded drugmakers to potential generic entrants to settle patent disputes could be anticompetitive. It instructed district courts to apply the "rule of reason" (...)

Jonathan Berman, Rosanna McCalips, Julia McEvoy, Larissa Bergin The US Congress implements a law requiring drug manufacturers to disclose biologic patent settlement agreements to antitrust Authorities


New Law Requires Disclosure of Biologic Patent Settlement Agreements to Antitrust Authorities* Last week, the Patient Right to Know Drug Prices Act ("Act") became law. The Act requires pharmaceutical companies to disclose to antitrust agencies agreements between biologic and biosimilar (...)

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