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Pierre-Louis Clero

Latham & Watkins (Paris)

Pierre-Louis Cléro is a partner with Latham & Watkins in the firm’s Paris office where he represents corporate buyers and sellers in complex cross-border strategic transactions. He draws on a keen business sense and extensive experience navigating strategic negotiations in large, multijurisdictional transactions. Mr. Cléro focuses on prioritizing his clients’ interests by leveraging his understanding of their commercial objectives and internal dynamics. Mr. Cléro helps clients make decisions within challenging and multicultural transactional environments, guiding them through effective risk analysis and mitigation.

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35 Bulletin

Denis Criton, Pierre-Louis Clero, Alexander Crosthwaite, Olivier du Mottay, Fabrice Fages, Charles-Antoine Guelluy, Patrick Laporte, Semih Bayar Eren The French Parliament sees legislation come into effect which expands the list of strategic sectors for FDI and amends the application process timeline


The new regime extends the list of strategic sectors and amends the application process timeline, among other new features. Key Points : The list of strategic sectors has been extended to include (i) activities pertaining to agricultural products that contribute to national food safety (...)


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