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Peter Whelan is a Professor of Law who specialises in both competition law and criminal law. He is the Director of the Centre for Business Law and Practice. Peter holds both a Degree in Law and French and a Master of Laws from Trinity College Dublin. During his primary degree, he spent a university year studying French law at the Université de Poitiers, France. He also holds a PhD in Law from St John’s College, University of Cambridge. He is US Attorney-at-Law and a registered member of the New York State Bar.


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1303 Bulletin

Peter Whelan Criminal sanctions : An overview of EU and national case law


It is often claimed that in recent years there has been a "worldwide trend" concerning the criminalisation of anticompetitive behaviour. Having recently reread all of the (one hundred or so) articles and case notes published by e-Competitions which are relevant to the subject of criminal (...)

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