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Peter Alexiadis is an English and New South Wales qualified partner in the Brussels office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher where he serves as Partner-In-Charge of the office. He is also a member of the Brussels Bar. Mr. Alexiadis has practised Community law in Brussels since 1989, and focuses on competition law, intellectual property law and EU communications policy. Mr. Alexiadis’ competition practice concentrates on merger control, actions under Article 102 TFEU EC and vertical distribution and licensing practices (both before the European Commission and before national competition and regulatory authorities). He was lead Competition counsel before the European Commission in two of the world’s largest announced mergers, Vodafone/Airtouch and WorldCom/Sprint, and has more recently been a senior EU counsel in mergers involving Carlyle/Commscope, MCI/Sprint, Epson/Sanyo, Seagate/Maxtor and Vivendi/Activision. His intellectual property practice specialises in the interface between intellectual property rights protection and competition law, especially with regards to innovative products and services. His communications practice spans all aspects of regulation, policy and competition law, for both private companies and government institutions in the European Union, Eastern Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. His work for the sector is divided between advice for and defense of private companies, and counseling government institutions on policy development and enforcement strategy. He has been a Project Leader on a number of milestone European Union studies relating to the development of raw policy in the communications sector. Mr. Alexiadis regularly lectures and writes on issues of competition law and practice and communications policy. He is the EC Affairs editor of the European Intellectual Property Review, the International Company & Commercial Law Review and the Utilities Law Review and is course coordinator at the Kings College LLM in London on "Competition Law and Regulated Network Sectors".


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4714 Bulletin

Peter Alexiadis Cartels in the utility sectors : An overview of EU and national case law


Events over the past few years in liberalised utility sectors have brought into sharp focus the relative importance of the public sector either as the unwitting facilitator of collusive practices or as the party harmed most directly by such practices because it accounts for a significant proportion of demand for goods and services in most economies. The focal points of the public sector in many such actions is illustrated by the Ordinance issued in May 2018 by the Hong Kong Competition Commission, which guides public bodies and law enforcers in identifying signs of anti-competitive practices in the marketplace (especially in the form of big-rigging, market sharing and price fixing).

Balthasar Strunz, Jens-Olrik Murach, Peter Alexiadis The Düsseldorf Court of Appeal confirms a decision of the German Competition Authority against all prohibitions or restrictions imposed in relation to online sales made by traditional distributors (ASICS)


This article considers how much the Coty Ruling has shed light on the extent to which a manufacturer can restrict the sales of its products over online platforms, especially in the wake of the recent German Case involving ASICS and basic principles developed at EU level to assess obligations (...)

Pablo Figueroa, Peter Alexiadis The EU Commission challenges the governance rules of an international sports association as being incompatible with competition law (International Skating Union)


Skating on thin ice : The European Commission challenges the governance rules of an international sports association as being incompatible with European antitrust rules* The recent announcement by the European Commission (“the Commission”) that it is actively looking into the compatibility of (...)

Ilias Georgiopoulos, Peter Alexiadis The EU Court of Justice holds that a member state may be found to have infringed art. 106(1) TFEU if its measures create a situation in which a public undertaking or an undertaking on which it has conferred special or exclusive rights is led to abuse its dominant position (Greek Lignite case)


This article has been nominated for the 2015 Antitrust Writing Awards. Click here to learn more about the Antitrust Writing Awards. ECJ held that the legal standard established by the General Court was incorrect, as the Commission was not required to identify or establish that an actual (...)

Daniel G. Swanson, Peter Alexiadis The EU Court of Justice rules on the compatibility of the antitrust procedure with the fundamental rights of the EU in elevators cartel case (Schindler)


The Schindler Ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union : Potential Implications for Fundamental Rights and EU Competition Law* I. Background Defense counsel in European antitrust proceedings have long bemoaned the fact that “fundamental rights” did not effectively find their way (...)

3315 Revue

David Bosco, David J. Went, Elsa Sependa, Peter Alexiadis, Robert Saint-Esteben, Stephen Kinsella Obe, Virginie Beaumeunier Injonction structurelle : Un instrument hors norme


Le législateur français vient de doter l’Autorité de la concurrence d’un nouveau pouvoir : celui de prononcer des injonctions structurelles lorsque les conditions tarifaires fixées par les entreprises dominantes sont inhabituellement élevées outre-Mer. L’instrument est, à l’évidence, sui generis en (...)


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