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Pedro Gonzaga

The Brattle Group (Brussels)
Competition Associate

Pedro Gonzaga is a passionate competition associate at Brattle who loves applying industrial economics to support clients in competition and antitrust matters. Pedro is experienced in managing competition projects that require advanced economic modeling, intricate data analysis, and a thorough understanding of the relevant economic literature and case law. He is skilled in clearly explaining the complex economic theory that he and his teams apply to competition matters. Pedro has developed and published reports on several topical antitrust areas, including horizontal and vertical mergers in dynamic markets, abuse of dominance and vertical restraints in e-commerce, and algorithmic collusion. He has presented his work to private clients, enforcers, regulators, auditors, and policy makers, in both private meetings and international conferences. Before joining Brattle, Pedro gained substantive experience through his academic work, research, and multiple positions at the OECD Competition Division.

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1229 Bulletin

Pedro Gonzaga, Gabriella Erdei-Gonzaga Vertical Restrictions & e-Commerce : An overview of EU and national case law


Vertical restrictions are one of the most complex and debated themes within competition law enforcement. From an economic perspective, vertical restrictions have a variety of effects that are not always fully captured by textbook economic models. From a legal perspective, different jurisdictions have taken divergent approaches in the way they assess and treat vertical restrictions. While these differences are most noticeable between the EU and the US, national competition authorities within the EU have also taken substantially different positions concerning similar or identical categories of vertical restrictions.

1163 Revue

Pedro Caro de Sousa, Pedro Gonzaga, James Mancini, Cristina Volpin, Sabine Zigelski OCDE : La Journée Portes Ouvertes de l’OCDE sur la concurrence traite des sujets d’actualité récemment abordés par le Comité de la concurrence (27 fév. 2019, Paris)


The first OECD Competition Open Day took place on 27th February 2019. Its purpose was for the OECD to reach out to the broader competition policy community, including practitioners, businesses, academics and students, in the work of the OECD. While the work of the OECD Competition Committee is (...)


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