Bates White (Washington)

Pauline Kennedy

Bates White (Washington)

Pauline Kennedy has nearly two decades of experience in economic analysis of competition policy issues, including the competitive effects of horizontal and vertical mergers, analysis of single-firm conduct, monopolization, and collusion. Her recent work has focused on merger and monopolization issues in a variety of industries, including payment, pharmacy benefit management, airline, and pharmaceutical. Dr. Kennedy has also led consulting and expert support teams in complex, data-intensive matters, including cases involving exclusionary practices that restrict customers’ interactions with rivals. She has extensive experience using economic models and empirical analyses to assess and quantify competitive effects. Prior to joining Bates White, Dr. Kennedy taught econometrics, microeconomics, and international macroeconomics and trade at the University of California, San Diego. She was a Visiting Scholar at the International Monetary Fund Institute and provided forecasting for the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Bank. She also served as an Assistant Lecturer at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Kennedy has published in peer-reviewed journals on topics such as damage analysis, applied econometrics, and the econometric analysis of causal effects.

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Bates White (Washington)
Bates White (Washington)
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Bates White (Washington)
Bates White (Washington)


Pauline KENNEDY (Bates White)
Pauline Kennedy 30 juin 2022 New York


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