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Research Lecturer

Olivier Beddeleem is a research lecturer at EDHEC Business School (France). His primary teaching and research interest is European legal strategy. The main focus of this research project is to study how companies and institutions can use the European Union and the EU legislation as a strategic tool. Olivier Beddeleem is an active member of the European Movement and was the president of the Young Europeans-Lille from 2007 to 2010. Since 2008, he published more than 150 articles on his blog (http://legalstrategy.canalblog.com) which focuses on the analysis of successful and unsuccessful European legal strategies. He was also involved in the organization of numerous conferences about the European Union and participated in the writing of several books related to the European Union and legal strategy.

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6830 Bulletin

Olivier Beddeleem The French Competition Authority fines the four major laundry detergent manufacturers for violating cartel legislation (Unilever / Procter & Gamble / Henkel / Colgate Palmolive)


The French Competition authority fines the four major laundry detergent manufacturers for violating cartel legislation. Summary The French competition authority has fined a cartel between Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Henkel and Colgate Palmolive for a total amount of €367.9 million euros. (...)

Olivier Beddeleem The Paris District Court fines an online retail site for infringing a famous clothing brand’s trademark by illegally selling its branded products online (Hugo Boss / Club Privé)


Summary CLUB PRIVE was fined for illegally selling HUGO BOSS branded clothes online. Facts In 2009, CLUB PRIVE conducted a short time selling of HUGO BOSS branded clothes on their website www.club-prive.fr. HUGO BOSS sued CLUB PRIVE on several grounds. In the first place, HUGO BOSS sued CLUB (...)

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