Nasoul Gopal

Smith & Williamson (London)

Nasoul heads Smith & Williamson’s Monitoring Trustee Services team. He has specialised in monitoring trustee appointments since 2004 with mandates in Europe, North-America, Asia, South-America and Oceania. Nasoul was the first monitoring trustee appointed by the CMA, CADE and CCS. He also presented on the role of Monitoring Trustee in a number of countries across the world including China and France. Previously a qualified auditor, Nasoul has also worked in M&A Due Diligence and regulatory compliance work. Nasoul is an accomplished linguist and speaks eight languages including French, Italian and Spanish.

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Smith & Williamson (London)


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Michel van Zundert, Nasoul Gopal UK : Role of trustees in the merger control regime


Les agences de concurrence autour du monde nomment des mandataires lorsque les problèmes de concurrence proviennent d’une fusion. Au Royaume-Uni, il est également assez commun de nommer un mandataire pendant le processus de révision par le CMA pour éviter le ‘gun jumping’ ou pour permettre (...)

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