United Kingdom's Competition Authority - CMA (London)

Michael Grenfell

United Kingdom’s Competition Authority - CMA (London)
Executive Director, Enforcement

Dr Michael Grenfell is an Executive Director on the Board of the Competition and Markets Authority – the UK’s primary competition and consumer agency – where he is responsible for enforcement of competition and consumer laws. He joined the CMA in January 2014, where he was initially a Senior Director for competition in the regulated sectors, before moving to his current position in July 2015. Before he joined the CMA, he was a solicitor in private practice for 25 years, specialising in UK and EU competition law and sector regulation, including, from 1998 to 2013, as a Partner at the international law firm Norton Rose Fulbright. He has written and broadcast widely on competition, regulatory and consumer issues, and was co-author of Coleman and Grenfell on The Competition Act 1998 (OUP). He has an M.A. in history and law from Cambridge University, and a Ph.D in political thought from the London School of Economics.

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United Kingdom’s Competition Authority - CMA (London)
United Kingdom’s Competition Authority - CMA (London)
United Kingdom’s Competition Authority - CMA (London)
United Kingdom’s Competition Authority - CMA (London)
United Kingdom’s Competition Authority - CMA (London)


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