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Mehmet Mikail Demir

ACTECON (Istanbul)

Mehmet Mikail Demir is an associate at ACTECON in Istanbul. He provides advice to Turkish and multinational companies regarding competition law, international trade and regulatory projects. He assists clients mainly on the investigations initiated by the Turkish Competition Authority and merger controls. He also assists clients regarding trade defense instruments with respect to anti-dumping investigations initiated by the Turkish Ministry of Trade. Mehmet Mikail Demir graduated from Koç University Faculty of Law with LLB degree (double major in Law & Economics) in 2022.

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ACTECON (Istanbul)
ACTECON (Istanbul)
ACTECON (Istanbul)
ACTECON (Istanbul)
ACTECON (Istanbul)


748 Bulletin

Erdem Aktekin, Helin Yüksel, Mehmet Mikail Demir The Turkish Competition Authority reaffirms its view that attorney-client privilege is limited to the right of defence which constitutes a stark contrast with the EU practice (Storytel)


With its decision issued on 30 March 2023 (Storytel Decision), the Turkish Competition Authority (TCA) evaluated Storytel Turkey Yayıncılık Hizmetleri A.Ş.’s (Storytel) claim that some documents obtained during on-site inspections were covered by attorney-client privilege. This post presents a (...)

Erdem Aktekin, Nabi Can Acar, Mehmet Mikail Demir The Turkish Constitutional Court partially annuls and partially upholds a complaint challenging 2020 amendments to the Competition Law updating the Competition Authority’s powers related to imposing structural remedies and carrying out dawn raids


The Constitutional Court of Turkey (the “Court”) delivered a judgment on 9 November 2022 regarding the action for an annulment application made by the 137 members of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey against amendments introduced in 2020 to various articles of Law No. 4054 on the (...)

Erdem Aktekin, Helin Yüksel, Mehmet Mikail Demir The Turkish Competition Authority rejects a request to have an approved merger reclassified as an approved acquisition (Slim Fusina / NFRP)


Introduction With its decision dated 17 March 2022 and numbered 22-13/205-88, the Turkish Competition Authority (“TCA”) cleared the transaction concerning the merger of Slim Fusina Rolling S.R.L. (“Slim Fusina”) and Niche Fusina Rolled Products S.R.L. (“NFRP”) (the “Transaction”) on the (...)

Erdem Aktekin, Helin Yüksel, Mehmet Mikail Demir The Ankara Regional Administrative Court overturns a decision on the single economic entity principle, ruling that the Competition Authority may lawfully request information from a subsidiary that the parent company must then provide (Citibank / Goldman Sachs / ING Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / Türkiye Garanti Bankası)


Introduction On 26 October 2022, the Ankara Regional Administrative Court’s 8th Administrative Chamber revoked an earlier decision of the Ankara 3rd Administrative Court that had annulled the Turkish Competition Board’s (the “Board”) decision concerning the imposition of administrative (...)

Bahadır Balkı, Erdem Aktekin, Nabi Can Acar, Helin Yüksel, Mehmet Mikail Demir, Seda Eliri The Turkish Competition Authority shares a Draft Amendment to the key national competition legislation which would enable greater oversight of digital markets


Introduction This blogpost will give an overview on the draft amendment (the “Draft Amendment”) to the Law No. 4054 on the Protection of Competition (the “Law No. 4054”). The key points of the Draft Amendment concern : Introducing definitions of core platform services into the Law No. 4054 (...)

Erdem Aktekin, Helin Yüksel, Mehmet Mikail Demir The Turkish Competition Authority decides that a telecoms infrastructure operator did not abusively refuse to deal with downstream competitors because there was no market foreclosure that would result in consumer harm (Türk Telekom / TTNET)


Introduction The Turkish Competition Board (the “Board”) published its reasoned decision dated 30.09.2021 and numbered 21-46/667-332 (the “Decision”) concerning the full-fledged investigation launched against Türk Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. (“TT”) upon the complaints of undertakings operating in (...)


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