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Lorenzo Vasselli

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Research Associate

Lorenzo is an economist currently working as a Research Associate at Cornerstone Research with a focus on competition economics and applied econometrics. He has worked both in public and private sectors. During his work experience, he has regularly applied microeconomics and econometrics techniques in order to advise clients and regulatory agencies in the context of mergers, cartel damages, class-actions, abuse of dominance, commercial disputes, regulatory assessments and state aid across various industries such as energy, retail markets, high-tech, payment cards, financial markets, telecom etc. During his graduate studies, he worked at DG Competition - European Commission, where he was involved in a major antitrust investigation within the payment system unit. Lorenzo holds a M.Sc. in Economics and Social Sciences from Bocconi University where he specialised in industrial organisation and econometrics. Furthermore, he holds a B.Sc. in Economics (with distinction) from Federico II University, Naples.


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1832 Bulletin

Maria Maher, Lorenzo Vasselli Discrimination and Rebates : An overview of EU and national case law


Rebates are a common commercial practice in business and can have efficiency enhancing effects, leading to lower overall prices for customers and consumers. In addition, they might be used to stimulate downstream competition. However, rebates also have the potential to exclude rivals from a market, particularly when used by a dominant undertaking. For instance, a dominant firm’s use of loyalty rebates or exclusivity can, in some cases, harm consumers by reducing the ability of rivals to compete effectively. Rebates therefore have been scrutinized by competition authorities around the world for their potential to prevent, restrict or distort competition.

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