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José Luís Da Cruz Vilaça

Cruz Vilaça Advogados (Lisbon)
Lawyer (Managing Partner)

José Luís da Cruz Vilaça has a thorough knowledge of the various areas of European Union Law and Competition Law as well as of issues related to the European Convention on Human Rights and the protection of Fundamental Rights. Cruz Vilaça was one of the first Portuguese jurists and scholars to study European integration matters when preparing his doctorate degree at the University of Paris I in 1975-78. As Secretary of State for European Integration, in 1981/82, he led the accession negotiations to the European Communities (ECs), and, for the past 35 years, his entire professional and academic career has been under the aegis of European Integration, European Law, and Competition Law. Following Portugal’s accession to the EC in January 1986, Cruz Vilaça has served as Advocate General and later, between 2012 and 2018, as Judge at the Court of Justice of the EU, where he was elected President of Chamber in 2015. From 1989 to 1995, he presided, first by unanimous decision of the governments of the Member States and then by election of his peers, the newly established Court of First Instance of the EC’s. Cruz Vilaça left his latest post after six years, to practice as a lawyer in his areas of expertise for nearly 18 years. As a lawyer and jurisconsult, he has provided legal advice to individuals, associations and companies, including the largest ones on a European and global scale, in complex business operations and transactions in various sectors of the economy, and has represented them in cases before the European Commission, the Court of Justice and the General Court of the EU, the European Court of Human Rights, the Portuguese Competition Authority and the Portuguese courts. As an arbitrator or expert witness, Vilaça intervened in important arbitration proceedings, at national and international level. He chaired arbitration and conciliation committees at the EIB-European Investment Bank and has carried out various institutional cooperation missions in Latin American countries and in the Andean Community, at the request of the European Commission, whose Disciplinary Board he chaired for 4 years. As a researcher, a professor, an author of numerous publications and conferences, as well as through the various institutions, associations and study groups to which he belongs or has chaired, Cruz Vilaça has continually contributed to foster knowledge and the development of EU Law and Competition Law, as well as the strengthening of judicial protection of individual rights, and the consolidation of the EU as a legal order governed by the rule of law. As part of his public service activities, in addition to the positions he has held in the EU, in international cooperation, regional development and the political sphere, Vilaça was responsible in 2002/03 for preparing the reform of Competition Law in Portugal, including a new Competition Act and the creation of the Competition Authority. As President of the International Federation of European Law (FIDE) (2016-18) he led the team that organized the XXVIII FIDE Congress, in Estoril. He currently presides APDEN (the Portuguese Association of Energy Law).


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Cruz Vilaça Advogados (Lisbon)
Cruz Vilaça Advogados (Lisbon)


1745 Bulletin

José Luís Da Cruz Vilaça The Lisbon Court of Commerce quashes the Competition Authority’s first-ever abuse of dominant position infringement decision in the underground ducts’ telecom network access case, upheld on appeal (PT Comunicações)


I. The case, the PCA’s decision and the judgments After receiving complaints from telecom undertakings “TvTel Comunicações” and “Cabovisão”, the Portuguese Competition Authority (hereinafter “PCA”) launched an investigation in 2003 into the allegations that Portugal Telecom Comunicações (hereinafter (...)

José Luís Da Cruz Vilaça The Lisbon Court of Appeals upholds Competition Authority’s decision that imposed a fine to an association for price fixing, but reduces the amount of the fine by considering the association turnover as relevant in place of the associates’ turnover (Veterinarian Medical Association)


On 5 July 2007, the Lisbon Court of Appeals upheld the Lisbon Court of Comerce ruling which confirmed the Competition Authority (“PCA”) decision imposing a fine of € 75,935.00 (seventy-five thousand nine hundred and thirty-five euros) on the Veterinarian Medical Association (“VMA”) for price (...)

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