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Joost van Roosmalen is an associate with Bird & Bird in the regulatory team in The Hague. Joost van Roosmalen uses his broad knowledge of competition law and regulatory matters to advise clients on both contentious and non-contentious matters. Businesses dealing in the communications, postal and information technology (IT) sectors often see themselves confronted with complex regulations, having to deal with both European and national laws. He regularly advises both incumbents as well as entrants in these sectors in disputes against competitors and supervisory authorities. This has offered him valuable experience in advising clients on day-to-day regulatory issues, as well as in complex court proceedings. Clients benefit from Joost van Roosmalen regulatory background, working as counsel for the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM). He is experienced in dealing with European and national laws, and committed to providing his clients with practical and concrete advice. During his studies of International Economic Law and International Business Law, Joost van Roosmalen focused on both Competition Law as well as regulatory matters. He uses this knowledge, combined with his regulatory background, to work together with clients to reach their full potential in regulated markets. Joost van Roosmalen chose to become a lawyer at Bird & Bird because of its great reputation in the tech & comms sector. He is a member of Bird & Bird’s Tech & Comms Group.

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Pauline Kuipers, Joost van Roosmalen The Rotterdam District Court rules on an appeal against the Competition Authority’s merger clearance decision and finds that merger control rules do not aim to protect competitors on the market potentially affected by the establishment of a joint venture (T-Mobile)


Summary On 31 March 2022, the Rotterdam District Court ruled on an appeal lodged by T-Mobile Netherlands against a merger clearance decision by the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) of 12 May 2021 that KPN and APG did not require a licence for the creation of a concentration (the (...)

Joost van Roosmalen, Pauline Kuipers, Shane Barber, Scott McInnes The Dutch Competition Authority closes a regulatory investigation into a payment apps’ access from a Big Tech company (Apple)


The Dutch competition authority (ACM) has decided to close its investigation into payment apps’ access to Apple’s Near-Field Communication (NFC) antenna. The ACM concludes that the EU Interchange Fee Regulation (IFR) does not provide a legal basis for its investigation. As Bird & Bird (...)

Pauline Kuipers, Morten Nissen, Alexander Brøchner, Joost van Roosmalen Block exemption regulations : An overview of EU and national case law


Competition law contains wide-ranging prohibitions against anticompetitive issues when companies enter into agreements with either competitors, suppliers or distributors. The content of the prohibitions has developed in 60+ years of case law and is backed up by competition authorities having the authority to carry out intrusive investigations and imposing fines. Navigating these prohibitions can sometimes be difficult and involve substantial assessment and judgment calls. It is up to companies to self-assess their agreements to ensure compliance. Block exemption regulations (or in short ‘block exemptions’) are amongst the most used EU antitrust tools in day to day operations for competition law advisors, both in private practice and in companies. Block exemptions play an important role in ensuring inter alia consistency and legal certainty in (self) assessing a range of common commercial actions when dealing with e.g. competitors, suppliers and distributors. Without block exemptions, it would be much more complex for companies to assess, whether many of their commonly occurring activities entail any risk of constituting infringements of competition law.

Joost van Roosmalen, Piet-Hein Eijssen The Dutch Competition Authority publishes its market study into the access for "Mobility as a Service" providers to public transportation services in the Netherlands


On 8 March 2021, the Authority for Consumers & Markets (‘ACM’) published its market study into the access for Mobility as a Service (‘MaaS’) providers to public transportation services in the Netherlands. A MaaS platform integrates various methods of transport across different providers which (...)

Annette Printz Nielsen, Hans Svensson, Kim Kit Ow, Slawomir Szepietowski, Stefano Febbi, Konrad Siegler, Michael Jünemann, Kristiina Lehvilä, Ivan Sagál, Michelle Chan, Shane Barber, Joost van Roosmalen, Trystan Tether, Pauline Kuipers, Scott McInnes, Cathie-Rosalie Joly, Adrian Calvo Pelayo The Dutch Competition Authority publishes its report on the role of big techs in the payment market


Dutch regulator calls for tighter regulation of Big Techs in payment market study On 1 December 2020, the Dutch competition authority (ACM) published its long-awaited report on the role of major technology firms (Big Techs) in the payment market. The publication of the report was expected in (...)


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