Jones Day (Amsterdam)

Jonathan Bakker

Jones Day (Amsterdam)
Global Disputes Counsel

Jonathan specialises in international commercial arbitration and litigation. He acts as counsel and advises on a range of commercial disputes, including M&A disputes, as well as corporate litigation disputes. Pertaining to Article 35b, first paragraph of the Dutch Regulations on the Legal Profession, Jonathan has registered the following fields of law with the Dutch Bar Association : contract law and civil procedural law. This registration obliges Jonathan to obtain ten permanent education points in the registered fields of law each calendar year, in accordance with the rules of the Dutch Bar Association.

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198 Bulletin

Jonathan Bakker, Robert Hardy The Dutch Court of Appeal dismisses claimant’s appeal in follow-on cartel damages claim in relation to the elevators and escalators cartel (East West Debt)


Introduction In 2007, the EC imposed fines on several international elevators and escalators (hereafter : “lift”) companies for a violation of Article 81 of the EC Treaty (now Article 101 TFEU). Following the EC decision, follow-on claims have been launched in both Belgium and in the (...)

Robert Hardy, Jonathan Bakker The Dutch Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal quashes a judgement of the District Court of Rotterdam in relation to fines imposed by the Competition Authority on an undertaking for breaching a seal during a dawn raid investigation (LHV)


Introduction On 3 June 2014, the Dutch Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal (the “CBb”) quashed a judgement of the District Court Rotterdam (the “District Court”) in relation to a fine imposed by – the predecessor of – the Dutch Authority for Consumers & Markets (the “ACM”). The fine had (...)


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