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Jeanette Bayoumi

Hausfeld (New York)

As part of the dynamic litigation team at Hausfeld, Jeanette’s work spans a wide array of practice areas, including Hausfeld’s antitrust, human rights, and environmental practice areas. Jeanette’s experience representing clients across various sectors has provided her with a unique insight resulting in creative and successful litigation strategies on behalf of her clients. Prior to joining Hausfeld, Jeanette worked at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, where she strove to protect investors trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market and the New York Stock Exchange. Preceding this work, Jeanette was part of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Honor’s Program, where she worked with the Office of International Affairs, aiding attorneys on international and securities related issues. Jeanette attended law school at the Washington College of Law at American University, where she was a member of the American University International Law Review. During law school Jeanette worked as a summer associate with a Turkish law firm, based in Istanbul, Turkey, where she was engaged in resolving European Union competition law challenges. Prior to American University, she graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service with a B.A. in International Politics. She remains actively involved in Georgetown University’s alumni community, serving as part of the school’s admissions interviewing program.Jeanette is fluent in Arabic and proficient in French. Jeanette’s clients include a class of merchants bringing an action against American Express, a group of 16 child climate activists from over 10 countries bringing a complaint with the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, among others.

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209 Bulletin

Jeanette Bayoumi The US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit clarifies whether a consumer who purchases from a distributor may hold a manufacturer liable for overcharges resulting from a conspiracy between the distributor and manufacturer in the passing on of a case between two healthcare providers (Marion Healthcare / Becton Dickinson & Company)


Introduction In its recent decision in Marion Healthcare, LLC v. Becton Dickinson & Co., the Seventh Circuit added to the discussion among circuit courts as to whether and when a consumer who purchases from a distributor may hold a manufacturer liable for overcharges resulting from a (...)

Jeanette Bayoumi The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit nixes a $15M antitrust jury verdict in favor of an airline company against a travel-planning giant (US Airways / Sabre)


In the first two-sided market case to be decided by a court of appeals since the Supreme Court issued its American Express ruling (“Amex”) in June 2018, a Second Circuit Panel in September nixed a $15 million antitrust jury verdict in favor of US Airways against travel-planning giant Sabre (...)

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