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Professor Ioannis Kokkoris holds a Chair in Competition Law and Economics at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London, UK. He is also the Dean for Global Engagement for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Professor Kokkoris is an expert on competition law and economics. His main research interests span all areas of competition law and policy including comparative competition law/economics and policy focusing on EU, US, BRICS and ASEAN. Professor Kokkoris has formerly served at the UK Competition and Markets Authority, DG Competition, European Commission and US Federal Trade Commission. Professor Kokkoris has led and worked on funded projects by the European Commission, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the World Bank, the OECD, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and other international institutions. He is a special advisor to a number of competition authorities globally and frequently advises companies on competition enforcement issues in a number of jurisdictions. Professor Kokkoris also delivers training programmes for companies, competition authorities and courts. Professor Kokkoris has more than 100 publications including more than 15 authored/co-authored books, more than 65 articles and 20 chapters in edited volumes. Professor Kokkoris is on the editorial board of various international journals, he frequently speaks at conferences globally and is frequently interviewed by international media. Professor Kokkoris holds a BSc Economics (Essex), MPhil Economics (Cantab), LLM (Warwick) and PhD in Competition Law (Kings College London) and has conducted research at Harvard Law School.

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Ioannis Kokkoris (Queen Mary University)
Ioannis Kokkoris 19 février 2020 London


3134 Bulletin

Ioannis Kokkoris, Lydia Gavriilidou Mergers and online platforms : An overview of EU and national case law


The European Commission has dealt with various concentrations in the field of online platforms in recent years and has thus developed a policy, which is reflected in its decisions as this article will show. One of the main issues in concentrations in online platforms remains unsolved ; it is very likely that the jurisdictional limits/thresholds of the European Union EUMR (EUMR) are not met, since the turnover of some of the companies involved in a transaction, is not considerable enough for a relevant concentration to be assessed under the EUMR. The turnover in these markets is not always the most suitable indicator of market power. As a result, a gap has been created in light of the new digital era, where there is a trend of consolidation in online platforms with a minority of such transactions though being notifiable, and this trend enhances the parties’ market power through the access to large volumes of data.

Ioannis Kokkoris Merger Remedies : An overview of EU and national case law


When a concentration has a significant negative effect on effective competition in the market, parties may propose remedies (or in some jurisdictions remedies can be imposed by National Competition Authorities – NCAs) to eliminate these effects and thus to get clearance. Remedies is an (...)

8604 Revue

Ioannis Kokkoris Was there a gap in the ECMR ?


This paper aims to address the change in the legal standard of merger assessment due to the reform in the ECMR that occurred in 2004. As regards the substantive reforms, the substantive test was changed from the dominance test to the significant impediment to effective competition test. This (...)

Ioannis Kokkoris Mesures correctrices : La Commission européenne publie une version révisée de sa communication concernant les mesures correctives recevables


Comm. CE, Communication concernant les mesures correctives recevables conformément au règlement (CE) n° 139/2004 du Conseil et au règlement (CE) n° 802/2004 de la Commission, JOUE n° C.267 du 22 octobre 2008, p.1 The European Commission (“Commission”) published in October 2008 its Remedies Notice (...)


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