Luxembourg Competition Authority

Luxembourg Competition Council (Liège)

The Competition Council is an independent administrative authority whose role is to guarantee free competition and ensure the proper functioning of markets. It must ensure compliance with national and European competition rules. As part of its functions, the Council seeks to protect the interests of consumers but also the interests of businesses against anti-competitive behavior by competing businesses that could have the effect of restricting competition. The Competition Council is required to sanction anti-competitive practices with fines and / or periodic penalty payments. It must also take all necessary measures to put an end to the infringements. The Council also plays an important role in the prevention of infringements . Companies must be made aware of their responsibilities with regard to competition law so as to encourage them not to engage in prohibited behavior such as cartels or abuse of a dominant position .


341 Bulletin

Luxembourg Competition Authority The Luxembourg Competition Authority clarifies implications of the European Competition Network’s joint statement on competition law during the COVID-19 crisis and announces it will prioritize competition cases related to the pandemic


Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the implications for competition law in Luxembourg - joint action of the "European Competition Network (ECN)"* The "European Competition Network (ECN)" issued a joint statement of the European competition authorities for the uniform application of competition law (...)

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