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Ifigenia Iacovou

Antoniou McCollum & Co. (Nicosia)
Senior Associate

Ifigenia Iacovou is a senior associate at Antoniou McCollum & Co. Ifigenia has been practicing law in Cyprus since 2012. Ifigenia advises clients on competition and regulatory matters at the firm’s EU, Competition and Regulatory practice. She advises multinational corporations, private equity firms, credit and finance institutions on a wide range of regulatory matters, including : competition law and merger control, digital services and software, digital content and audiovisual media services, banking and financial services regulatory matters, public procurement.

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Antoniou McCollum & Co. (Nicosia)
Antoniou McCollum & Co. (Nicosia)


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Ifigenia Iacovou, Anastasios A. Antoniou The Cypriot Parliament enacts a new competition framework that enhances the Competition Authority’s regulatory powers and transposes the ECN+ Directive into national legislation


Cyprus has enacted a new competition framework, which introduces additional powers for the Cyprus Commission for the Protection of Competition (the CPC). The new legislation consolidates previous statutes regulating collusive conduct, abuses of dominance and abuses of relationships of economic (...)

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