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Helen Jenkins

Oxera (London)
Managing Partner

Dr Helen Jenkins is the Managing Partner of Oxera. She has more than 25 years of professional experience in applying economic principles to issues of strategic importance for businesses, predominantly in the context of litigation and competition investigations. She has broad sectoral experience, including in energy, financial services, retailing, communications, media and pharmaceuticals. She has worked with a range of clients on the economic issues that underlie the application of the relevant competition legislation in the UK, elsewhere in Europe, Australia and the Middle East. Dr Jenkins is a respected expert, appearing before courts and competition authorities in the USA, UK, Republic of Ireland, South Africa and Hong Kong. Her recent clients include Mastercard International, Microsoft, National Grid, Virgin Media, Royal Mail, Intercontinental Exchange, and Scottish Power.

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1288 Bulletin

Helen Jenkins, Matthew Johnson The UK Competition Commission clears an entertainment industry merger for the second time without remedies following appeal to the Competition Appeal Tribunal (Ticketmaster / Live Nation)


On May 7th 2010, the UK Competition Commission (CC) cleared unconditionally the completed merger between Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc (Ticketmaster) and Live Nation, Inc (Live Nation). The case had previously been cleared by the CC in December 2009, but following a successful appeal by a (...)

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