Georgios Petropoulos

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Sloan School of Management

Georgios Petropoulos is a Marie Curie Skłodowska Research Fellow at MIT and Bruegel. He is also a digital fellow at Stanford University. Georgios’ research focuses on the implications of digital technologies on innovation, competition policy and labour markets. He is currently studying how we should regulate digital platforms, what the relationship between big data and market competition is as well as how the adoption of robots and information technologies affect labour markets and firms’ market returns. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics, master’s degrees in mathematical economics and econometrics and a PhD degree in Economics. He has also studied Astrophysics at a Master’s level.



Georgios Petropoulos (Bruegel)
Georgios Petropoulos 21 septembre 2017 Bruxelles


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Georgios Petropoulos The EU Commission fines a multinational company prompting it to announce new licensing options and structure its business model to comply with the Commission’s decision (Google Android)


Google has announced new licensing options and structure in its business model to comply with the Commission’s Android decision. These options came into effect on October 29, 2018. While full details over the announced chances are not yet known, in this piece we attempt to analyze the (...)

2205 Revue

Georgios Petropoulos Vertical restraints and e-commerce


Dans cet article, je présente la façon dont le e-commerce a affecté les strategies de marché et la compétition sur les marchés européens, et j’analyse les aspects économiques et juridiques des restrictions verticales couramment appliquées sur les marchés en ligne. En combinant les données empiriques (...)

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