Geoffrey Manne

International Center for Law & Economics (Portland)
President and Founder

Geoffrey A. Manne is the founder and president of the International Center for Law and Economics (ICLE), a nonprofit, nonpartisan research center based in Portland, Oregon. He is also a distinguished fellow at Northwestern University’s Center on Law, Business, and Economics. In April 2017 he was appointed by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to the FCC’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee, and he recently served for two years on the FCC’s Consumer Advisory Committee. Mr. Manne earned his JD and AB degrees from the University of Chicago and is an expert in the economic analysis of law, specializing in competition, telecommunications, consumer protection, intellectual property, and technology policy. Prior to founding ICLE, Manne was a law professor at Lewis & Clark Law School where he taught Law & Economics, Corporations, and International Economic Regulation. From 2006-2009, he took a leave from teaching to develop Microsoft’s law and economics academic outreach program. Manne has also served as a lecturer in law at the University of Chicago Law School and the University of Virginia School of Law. He practiced antitrust law and appellate litigation at Latham & Watkins, clerked for Hon. Morris S. Arnold on the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, and worked as a research assistant for Judge Richard Posner. He was also once (very briefly) employed by the FTC.


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International Center for Law & Economics (Portland)
International Center for Law & Economics (Portland)
International Center for Law & Economics (Portland)
International Center for Law & Economics (Portland)
International Center for Law & Economics (Portland)


2489 Bulletin

Geoffrey Manne, Ohlhausen The US FTC imposes limits on enforcing FRAND licensing of standards-essential patents through the threat of seeking of injunctions (Google / Motorola)


Introduction In January of 2013, the Federal Trade Commission and Google (acting through its subsidiary, Motorola Mobility) signed a Consent Order ending the agency’s investigation into a number of practices. Much of the Order is aimed at imposing antitrust-based limits on the allowable process (...)

2370 Revue

Geoffrey Manne Against the vertical discrimination presumption


L’idée que les plateformes pratiquant l’auto-préférence sont néfastes pour l’innovation est absolument hypothétique. En outre, cette idée est en totale opposition à une série d’études qui montrent que le contraire est probablement vrai. En fait, la concurrence entre plateformes est plus complexe que ce (...)

Audrey Oh, David Bosco, Fabrice Siiriainen, Geoffrey Manne, Jonathan M. Jacobson, Kimberley A. Piro, Mark D. Powell, William Rinehart e-Books and the boundaries of antitrust


Le livre numérique est un bien tout à fait singulier. Les modèles économiques de distribution de ce bien particulier sont originaux et très différents d’un système à l’autre. Les contentieux américain et européen autour des pratiques d’Apple et des éditeurs, la loi française sur le prix unique du livre (...)

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