Competition Authority of Kenya (Nairobi)

Francis (Wang’ombe) Kariuki

Competition Authority of Kenya (Nairobi)
Director - General

Mr. Kariuki is the Director – General of the Competition Authority of Kenya, a position he has held since January, 2013. His main interests are in competition regulation and also Economics of institutions’ development. In addition, he has been focusing on the interface between Competition policy and other related government policies, especially on poverty reduction and Financial inclusion mainly through effective regulation of Digital Financial services (DFS). He is also well known for his advocacy initiatives, nationally and internationally, geared towards entrenching competition in various sectors of the Kenyan economy and boosting regional trade. He is a holder of Master of Science in Economic Regulation and Competition from City University- London ; BA-Economics & Business Studies (Kenyatta University) and various Certificates in Strategic Leadership and Corporate Governance.


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