Francis Donnat

Conseil d’Etat (Paris), France Télévisions
State Councilor, General Secretary France Télévisions

Francis Donnat, graduated from the IEP (Institute of Political Studies) in Paris in 1993 then from the ENA (National School of Administration) in 1998 (promotion Valmy) was Auditor (1998-2001), then Master of requests at the Council of State (since 2001). He was also responsible for the documentation center of the Council of State (2002-2004). He was subsequently Government Commissioner for contentious formations of the Council of State (2004-2005) and Legal secretary at the Court of Justice of the European Union (2005-2012). Regarding his university career, Francis Donnat was Senior Lecturer in charge of studies at the IEP of Paris (1998-2005) then Associate Professor at the University of Strasbourg (2009-2012). From September 2012 to May 2016, Francis Donnat held the position of Director of public policies at Google France. Since May 2016, Francis Donnat has been Secretary General of France Télévisions.


140 Bulletin

Francis Donnat The French State Council concludes that three taxes assigned to an undertaking in the audiovisual and multimedia sector cannot be regarded as an integral part of an aid scheme on the basis that they represent a growing share of revenue which is not considered as having directly influenced the amount of aid granted (National Center for Cinema & Moving Image)


The junction between the financing of cinema and audiovisual media and State aid law is at the origin of a case which, initially supposed to revolve around the notion of "alteration to existing aid", has come, after a contentious detour, to clarify what constitutes a tax measure hypothecated to (...)

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