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Florence Ninane is a French qualified lawyer in the Paris office of Allen & Overy LLP. She has developed competence in the areas of national and European competition law (mergers, anti-trust and state aid issues) as well as a specific expertise in the energy and telecoms sectors. She has been involved in EU, French and multi-jurisdictional merger notifications before various national competition authorities. She also represents companies in antitrust cases before the French Conseil de la concurrence and advises companies on the various aspects of competition and distribution law.

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Florence Ninane, Frédéric Jenny Le calcul des sanctions


Ce dossier réunit deux contributions sur le sujet du calcul des sanctions présentées le 10 novembre 2011 à Paris, et issues du cycle de formation Economie et droit de la concurrence organisé par la revue Concurrences. La première contribution, rédigée par le Professeur Frédéric Jenny, est dédiée au (...)

Assimakis Komninos, Florence Ninane, Francesco Rosati, Geoffrey D. Oliver, Hendrik Bourgeois, Ioannis Lianos, James Killick, Johanne Peyre, Niamh McCarthy, Philippe Choné The EU guidance on exclusionary abuses : A step forward or a missed opportunity ?


What does the Commission’s recent Communication on enforcement of Article 82 EC mean for companies ? Does it make enforcement more predictable ? Does the greater use of economic concepts reduce the risk that intense competition on the merits by the part of a dominant firm will be considered (...)

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