Fanny Méjane

Concurrences (London)
Deputy Director

Fanny Méjane holds a Master in EU law of the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. Fanny joined the Institute of Competition Law as Deputy Chief Editor of Concurrences in January 2010. She has been Deputy Director of the Institute since July 2015. She is based in London’s Concurrences office since May 2019.

Auteurs associés

ESSEC Business School (Cergy)
British Competition Authority - CMA (London)
European Court of Justice (Luxembourg)
US Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Hong Kong Competition Commission
George Mason University (Fairfax)
Rutgers University (New Jersey)
Chung Yuan Christian University (Taiwan)


2495 Bulletin

Fanny Méjane The French Competition Authority inflicts a 45 Million € fine on the telecommunications incumbent for abusive discrimination and denigration on the ADSL high-speed Internet access market and specifies the notion of repeated infringements (France Télécom / Wanadoo)


The facts In the beginning of 2000, the incumbent telecommunications operator France Telecom has tried to dominate the emerging market of high-speed Internet access. Some of these attempts lead to important decisions from both the French Competition Council (the “Conseil”) and the European (...)

5327 Revue

Nicolas Charbit, Fanny Méjane Entreprise commune : Le Tribunal de l’Union européenne rejette un recours intenté contre une décision autorisant la création d’une entreprise commune dans le secteur de la télévision sportive payante, confirmant le contrôle restreint exercé sur la délimitation des marchés et l’analyse des effets d’une opération (KPN)


La présente affaire se déroule aux Pays-Bas. Par une décision du 3 août 2016 (aff. M. 7978), la Commission avait autorisé sous réserve d’engagements à l’issue d’une phase I, le projet de création d’une entreprise commune de plein exercice aux Pays-Bas entre le groupe Vodafone, actif dans le secteur de la (...)

Fanny Méjane Trustbusters : Competition, Policy Authorities, Speak out


Competition policy (antitrust in the United States) has grown explosively in the last quarter century. As of 2004, 102 countries, from Albania to Zimbabwe, had national competition laws on their books and authorities to enforce them. Together, these countries account for more than 85 percent of (...)

Fanny Méjane EC Competition Law Handbook


The EC Competition Law Handbook 2007/08 is an essential reference tool for all EC competition lawyers, in-house counsel, competition enforcement authorities, academics and law librarians. With this essential reference source, you will have immediate access to the vast amount of new and updated (...)

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