Fabrizio Di Benedetto

Intesa Sanpaolo (Milan)
Team Coordinator Antitrust Affairs

Fabrizio Di Benedetto has obtained a PhD in EU Law at the Università degli Studi di Milano with a dissertation on the protection of strategic industries in the EU. Since 2015 he’s been working for the Antitrust Affairs and Strategic Support Sub-Department of Intesa Sanpaolo where he mainly deals with State aid and competition issues. Before Intesa Sanpaolo he worked for the University of Milan, for ConfCommercio and for Regione Lombardia. During last years he has written several academic articles on EU Law.

Auteurs associés

Intesa Sanpaolo (Milan)
Intesa Sanpaolo (Milan)
Intesa Sanpaolo (Milan)
European Commission (Brussels)
Paul Weiss (New York)
Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft (New York)


284 Bulletin

Fabrizio Di Benedetto, Irene de Angelis, Jacques Moscianese, Stefano Lucchini The EU Court of Justice considers the compatibility of the bail-in provisions in the 2013 banking communication with the principle of proportionality (Kotnik)


Bank rescue in the European Union. From bail-out to bail-in* States have traditionally faced banking crisis through the so-called bail-out tool : public resources have been used for a long time in order to rescue banks, putting the burden on public finance, thus on taxpayers. Actually, this is (...)

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