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Fabien Curto Millet

Google (Los Angeles)
Director, Economics

Fabien Curto Millet has been Senior Economist at Google since 2011. He reports to and works closely with Chief Economist Hal Varian on the development of data-driven insights and on research to evaluate the economic value of Google and the Internet. He also leads economic analysis in all competition and regulatory processes involving Google at a global level. Fabien was previously a Senior Consultant in the European Competition Policy Practice of NERA Economic Consulting, where we worked from 2004. During that time, he advised in major European merger control processes such as ABF/GBI, Thomson/Reuters and Universal/BMG. His experience spans a wide variety of business sectors, including : airports, consumer electronics, financial information and financial services, the Internet, mining, music publishing, pay TV, print media, retailing, and satellite communications. Fabien was educated at Oxford University, where he obtained a BA in Economics and Management, an MPhil in Economics, and a Doctorate in Economics. For two years he was a Lecturer in Economics at Balliol College, Oxford. He further obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in EC Competition Law from King’s College, London.

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Fabien Curto Millet, Joseph Vogel Les stratégies de tarifications complexes


Ce dossier réunit deux contributions sur le sujet des stratégies de tarifications complexes. Ces contributions, présentées le 14 avril 2010 à Paris, sont issues du cycle de formation Economie et droit de la concurrence organisé par la revue Concurrences. Dans la première contribution, M. Curto Millet (...)


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Voir l’avant-propos de Laurence Idot, Frédéric Jenny et Nicolas Charbit, la préface de Martine Béhar-Touchais, la liste complète des contributeurs ainsi que la table des matières. Valérie Benabou:100 (...)

Date 30 septembre 2014
Auteur(s) : Martine Behar-Touchais, Nicolas Charbit, Rafael Amaro
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