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Edoardo Canali

Legance - Studio Legale (Milan)

Edoardo Canali is an associate at Legance, based in Milan. He specializes in European and Italian competition law as well as consumer protection. Edoardo advises Italian and foreign companies on issues involving merger control, cartels and abuse of dominant position in proceedings before the EU Commission, the Italian Competition Authority (ICA) and the Italian national courts.


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Legance - Studio Legale (Milan)
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1906 Bulletin

Andreas Reindl, Edoardo Canali, Giovanni Pregno, Rory Clarke The Spanish Competition Authority imposes a €4.9M fine on an energy grid and utility company for providing access to the grid on more favourable terms to its own downstream business than it does to rivals (Enel)


On 10 June 2022, the Spanish Competition Authority (“SCA”) found that Enel Green Power SL (“Enel”), and its parent company Endesa Generación SA (“Endesa”) infringed the Spanish national provision prohibiting abuses of dominant position by taking advantage of its dominant position in the market (...)

Markus Wellinger, Pietro Stella, Nishka Malik, Edoardo Canali The UK High Court rules that an exemption on a sugar import tariff does not constitute state aid (British Sugar)


UK High Court rules on sugar advance tariff quota On 24 February 2022, the United Kingdom High Court (the “High Court”) rejected British Sugar’s contention that the sugar advance tariff quota breached Article 10 of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland (the “Protocol”) on State aid or the (...)

Edoardo Canali, Markus Wellinger, Pietro Stella The EU Court of Justice delivers several judgments dismissing appeals brought against a ruling of the General Court that upheld the Commission’s decision declaring the tax rule on amortization of financial goodwill in Spain as incompatible State aid (Deutsche Telekom / Banco Santander / Sigma Alimentos Exterior / Prosegur Compañia de Seguridad / Duty Free Group / Santusa)


On 6 October 2021, the European Court of Justice (“ECJ” or the “Court”) delivered a number of judgments (Case C-50/19 P Sigma Alimentos Exterior v Commission ; Joined Cases C-51/19 P World Duty Free Group v Commission and C-64/19 P Spain v Commission ; Case C-52/19 P Banco Santander v (...)

Edoardo Canali, Markus Wellinger, Pietro Stella The EU Court of Justice dismisses appeals against judgments rendered by the General Court that partially annulled the Commission’s decision regarding the financing of an infrastructure project between Denmark and Germany and provides guidance on the assessment of distortion of competition in case of statutory monopolies (Scandlines Danmark / Scandlines Deutschland)


On 6 October 2021, in joined Cases C-174/19 and C-175/19, the European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) dismissed the appeals against the judgments rendered by the European General Court (“EGC”) that partially annulled the Commission decision SA.39078 (2014/N) regarding the financing of an (...)

Laura Lehoczky-Deckers, Rebecca Halbach, Edoardo Canali, Giovanni Pregno, Dilja Helgadottir, Floris-Willem Dierickx The EU Commission proposes an updated list of projects and programs of EU interest annexed to the FDI Screening Regulation


Foreign Direct Investment : Recent Developments at European Union, United Kingdom and EU Member State Level EUROPEAN UNION LEVEL European Commission proposes updated list of projects and programmes of EU interest annexed to FDI Screening Regulation On 29 September 2021, the European (...)


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