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Grisay – Lawyers and consultants (Brussels)
Lawyer (Junior Partner)

David Leys (Belgian) is a qualified lawyer of the Brussels Bar. He works as a Junior Partner at Grisay – Lawyers and consultants, boutique law firm specialized in complex international legal cases. Previously, David worked as an associate at McGuireWoods and Sidley Austin in Brussels. David holds his Master of Laws (LL.M.) from Columbia Law School in New York City, his Master of European Law (LL.M.) from College of Europe in Bruges, his Master in Law (J.D. equivalent) from Université catholique de Louvain and his bilingual Bachelor in Law from Université Saint Louis in Brussels.


2818 Bulletin

David Leys The EU Court of Justice rules on questions referred by an Italian tribunal regarding the recovery of state aid from an Italian telecom company (Mediaset / Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico)


I. Facts On 24 January 2007, the Commission adopted the decision 2007/374 which stated that the scheme of aid applied to digital terrestrial broadcasters offering pay-TV services and cable pay-TV operators in Italy was incompatible with the internal market. Following the adoption of that (...)

David Leys The EU General Court rules on an appeal by Spanish petrol station associations against a Commission’s decision rejecting their complaint alleging anticompetitive practices (CEEES / AGES)


I. Facts The Confederación Española de Empresarios de Estaciones de Servicio (hereafter “CEEES” ) and the Asociación de Gestores of Estaciones de Servicio (hereafter “AGES” ) claimed the annulment of a Decision of the Commission of 28 April 2013 (hereafter “the contested decision”) rejecting their (...)

David Leys The EU General Court dismisses the appeal against the decision made by the Commission to refuse access to a document in its investigation of the merger between two leading stock exchanges (Beninca)


I. Facts On 3 April 2012, based on the Regulation No 1049/ 2001 (hereafter "the Regulation"), Mr Jürgen Beninca (hereafter “the applicant”) called the European Commission to grant him access to a memorandum of the Head of the unit responsible for competition matters of the Directorate-General (...)

David Leys The EU General Court fully confirms the legality of the Commission’s inspection decisions under Regulation No 1/2003 and dismisses the appeals on all grounds (Deutsche Bahn)


I. Facts Deutsche Bahn AG (hereafter “the rail company” and "the applicant") is an international company operating in the field of national and international transport of goods and passengers as well as logistics and services in the rail sector. DB Mobility Logistics AG, DB Energie GmbH, DB (...)

David Leys The Luxembourg Administrative Court dismisses the appeal of the state of Luxembourg and confirms the annulment of the decisions imposing interim measures against national incumbent telecom operator (P&T)


1. Facts Several telecommunications companies introduced a complaint for abuse of dominant position against “Entreprise des Postes et Télécommunications” (hereafter “P&T”) to the Luxembourg Competition Inspectorate. The latter requested the President of the Luxembourg Competition Council (...)

22122 Revue

David Leys Les aides d’État : aspects juridiques et économiques


Pierre Marie Sabbadini, auteur de cet ouvrage divisé en quatre chapitres, travaille en tant qu’avocat chez DLA Piper à Bruxelles. Il a été épaulé par Caroline Buts (professeure au département d’économie appliquée à la Vrije Universiteit Brussel) et Nina Mampaey (aussi avocate chez DLA Piper à Bruxelles). (...)

David Leys Les procédures transactionnelles en droit antitrust de l’Union européenne. Un exercice transactionnel de l’autorité publique, Mehdi MEZAGUER, préface de Marc Blanquet


La thèse vise à proposer une nouvelle lecture procédurale de l’application des règles Antitrust de l’Union européenne essentiellement fondée sur l’efficience et la nature transactionnelle des relations entre l’autorité publique et les opérateurs économiques. Les procédures transactionnelles en droit (...)

David Leys Droit européen de la concurrence


Cette seconde édition du manuel Droit européen de la concurrence, mise à jour au 30 septembre 2016, couvre l’intégralité du droit européen de la concurrence à l’exclusion des aides d’État. Il permet à son lecteur d’avoir une vision d’ensemble de cette matière technique, aisément accessible et illustrée par (...)

David Leys Competition Law in the Czech Republic


The authors of this handy book of three parts are Czech competition legal practitioners and academics. Robert Neruda is a Partner at Havel, Holasek & Partners s.r.o., David Raus is a Judge at the Regional Court in Brno, Michal Petr is a Vice-chairman at the Czech Competition Authority and (...)

David Leys Competition Law in Asia-Pacific - A Practical Guide


Competition Law in Asia-Pacific provides you with a practical, full-length guide to competition law and practice in the Asia-Pacific region. Drawing on the experience of recognized competition law practice leaders in key jurisdictions, it will help you navigate the competition landscape in 15 (...)

David Leys Day-to-Day Competition Law : A Practical Guide for Businesses


Companies today must consider and comply with competition law in their daily business management. The financial and reputational risks for breaching such rules are severe and the success of many merger and acquisition projects depends very much on it. While competition law rules become (...)

David Leys Les inspections de concurrence


Les autorités de concurrence détiennent des pouvoirs d’inspection très larges au sein des entreprises et elles exercent aujourd’hui ces pouvoirs à un niveau d’efficacité maximale afin de détecter et de sanctionner rapidement les atteintes les plus graves aux règles de concurrence. Ces inspections de (...)

David Leys Competition Law in Singapore


Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this practical analysis of competition law and its interpretation in Singapore covers every aspect of the subject—the various forms of restrictive agreements and abuse of dominance prohibited by law and the rules on (...)

David Leys EU Competition Law : Between Public and Private Enforcement


Aller au contenu | Aller à la navigation | Aller à la recherche Stavros Makris | Configure the languageEnglish | Help | Log out Concurrences | View the public site Home Edit Authors Sections Articles Keywords Referenced sites Newsletters Unique pages Banners Discount coupons Products (...)

David Leys Competition Law in Times of Economic Crisis : in Need of Adjustment ?


Throughout this unprecedented crisis which is hitting all major economies in the EU, the escalation of the Eurozone recession increasingly undermines public confidence in the ability of competitive markets to deliver positive outcomes. A debate on the most appropriate way to enforce competition (...)

David Leys China’s Anti-Monopoly Law : The First Five Years


It probably goes without saying that anti-monopoly law and practice are of very recent vintage in China. In August 2008, 118 years after the Sherman Act and 50 years after the Treaty of Rome, China’s Anti-Monopoly Law (AML) came into effect. Since then the enforcement of the AML has seen (...)

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