Cristina Butacu

Romanian Competition Council (Bucharest)
Legal adviser

As legal adviser in Romanian Competition Council since 1997 and director of Legal Directorate since 2002 Cristina works on a wide range of projects : from legal framework elaboration and adoption, institutional development, skilled legal team building, antitrust/merger/state aid enforcement and quality of decisions improvement to establishing a rich national jurisprudence through efficient representation of Competition Authority before all courts. Since 2004 Cristina has been a trainer of the National Institute of Magistracy and in this capacity was involved in various programs dedicated to the judges training in competition and state aid field, including projects financed by European Commission. Cristina also published several articles in competition and state aid field, and a book in 2005 –“The Competition law no 21/1996 – comments”. At present Cristina is on leave period until September 2016 to pursue her doctoral studies.


337 Bulletin

Cristina Butacu The Romanian High Court of Cassation and Justice confirms the right to compensation of a company that suffered damages following the imposition of discriminatory conditions by the incumbent postal service provider in relationship with its customers (Mailers Serv / Compania Nationala Posta Romana)


On 28.7.2011, Mailers Serv S.R.L. (in insolvency) brought an action for damages before the Tribunalul Bucuresti, Sectia Civila against CNPR claiming the difference of the discounts that would have received as a customer of CNPR if the latter would have applied the same conditions as to the (...)

Cristina Butacu The Romanian High Court of Cassation and Justice reviews the application filed by the Competition Council following the decision of the EU Court of Justice on the anti-competitive object of agreements to share clients (Eureko)


On 7 September 2010, Consiliul Concurentei din Romania (Romania Competition Council) adopted Decision no 39 which found that 14 of the 18 companies on the mandatory private pension funds market (second pilar) violated Article 5 alin.(1) lit. c) of the Competition Law no 21/1996 and Article 81 (...)

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