NERA (White Plains)

Christine Siegwarth Meyer

NERA (White Plains)
Chair, Intellectual Property Practice & Managing Director

Dr. Meyer conducts economic research and analysis in the areas of antitrust, intellectual property, commercial damages, business valuation, and labor economics. In antitrust, Dr. Meyer has evaluated the competitive effects of mergers and acquisitions and evaluated damages in cases involving alleged resale price maintenance and price discrimination. Dr. Meyer has analyzed competition in a wide range of industries, including agricultural chemicals, athletic apparel, automotive parts, beer, bread, kitchen appliances, mobile computing, smokeless tobacco, and yogurt. Dr. Meyer has incorporated various econometric techniques in her antitrust work to include demand modeling and the design and analysis of discrete choice consumer surveys. In the areas of intellectual property, commercial damages, and business valuation, Dr. Meyer has written expert reports on economic damages arising from patent infringement, and has calculated economic damages from the misappropriation of trade secrets and breaches of contract. She has also analyzed the value of several patents, licenses, and potential business acquisitions. In labor economics, Dr. Meyer has conducted academic research and published several papers in peer-reviewed journals dealing with issues including work/family benefits, women’s work, and childbearing decisions. She has also worked on behalf of numerous families of victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks to analyze the economic losses incurred by families in connection with their claims to the Federal Victim’s Compensation Fund. Prior to joining NERA, Dr. Meyer served as an Assistant Professor of Economics at Bentley College, and as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Colgate University. Dr. Meyer also worked as a Consultant for Data Resources, Inc. and was a contributing author to the US Industry and Trade Outlook for the US Department of Commerce.

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