Catarina Marvão

T.U.Dublin and SITE-Stockholm School of Economics
Assistant Lecturer of Economics

Catarina Marvão is Assistant Lecturer of Economics at the School of Accounting and Finance, Technological University (TU) Dublin – City Campus, and at Stockholm School of Economics (SITE) where she spent 3 years as a Post-Doctoral researcher. She completed a PhD, in 2013, in Trinity College and a Double MSc. in 2009, in Université Catholique de Louvain and Católica Lisbon. She also has work experience at the Italian Competition Authority and the Portuguese Water and Sewerage Regulator. Her research focuses on the areas of Industrial Organization, Banking Regulation and International Trade.


784 Bulletin

Catarina Marvão Remedies for Unilateral Conduct : An overview of EU and national case law


Every year many remedies are imposed worldwide across a wide range of sectors. The question of how to craft efficient, adequate, and proportionate remedies is however unsettled. Recent high profile unilateral conduct cases have raised issues related to how to identify the problematic conducts and what remedies to impose. While exclusionary abuses are easier to remedy, they do require strict(er) standards to ensure that competitive buying markets can be (re-)established. In contrast, structural remedies aimed at restructuring the buyer side of the market are harder to impose and/or implement and raise issues around the definition of relevant market and of the abusive conduct.

1615 Revue

Emmanuel Combe, Constance Monnier-Schlumberger, Philippe Coen, Marie-Pascale Heusse, Chloé Le Coq, Catarina Marvão, Andreas Stephan, David Viros Comportement des managers et droit de la concurrence


Le présent dossier porte sur le rôle des managers dans la commission d’infractions au droit de la concurrence. Il fait le point sur les outils permettant de mieux prévenir ces infractions, notamment au travers des programmes de conformité et des sanctions individuelles. Ce dossier réunit les (...)

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