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Brona Heenan

Bird & Bird (Brussels)
Lawyer (Associate)

Brona is an associate in the Competition & EU Law based in Brussels. My practice covers all areas of competition law (both EU and UK) and she has also advised on the application of procurement law to contracting authorities, public bodies, utilities and EU institutions. The cases she enjoys most are those that have a crossover between competition law and IP and she has advised on all sorts of projects from copyright to biotech and chemicals to semiconductors. She loves the challenge of first having to understand how different industries and sectors work before being able to apply the competition rules. The digital single market is providing lots of challenges to competition law and it is interesting to see how legislators and courts apply long standing rules to new areas. She worked for a few years with Bird & Bird when she first moved to Brussels. It was the first outpost on the continent at that time but now the firm has offices in so many countries, right across the world. This firm never sits still, but it is still full of interesting people who come together to solve their client’s legal issues in new and innovative ways. There is a real openness to thinking differently and to finding new ways of doing things. While it was never part of any particular plan, she feels really lucky to have had the opportunity to live and work in Brussels and be part of the whole European project.

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