CRA International (Chicago)

Robert Stillman

CRA International (Chicago)
Vice President

Bob Stillman specializes in the analysis of competition issues and the quantification of damages in commercial litigation. Dr Stillman worked out of CRA’s offices in London and Brussels for approximately 10 years until January 2013 and now splits his time between CRA’s offices in Europe and Chicago. Dr Stillman has worked in recent years on some of the European Commission’s highest-profile competition cases involving abuse of dominance, collusive conduct, and mergers. He has also worked on competition matters in various other jurisdictions, including the US, UK, China, and South Africa. In the area of financial economics, Dr Stillman has testified on damages in various international arbitrations and has extensive experience in the analysis of damages in securities cases in the US.

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170 Bulletin

Daniel Donath, Robert Stillman, Uğur Akgün The EU Commission concludes that the merger of a financial trading platform and a financial data provider will lead to an incentive to raise rival costs due to its dominance on the market if conditions are not met (Refinitiv / London Stock Exchange Group)


LSEG/Refinitiv : Modelling of efficiencies in non-horizontal mergers* The Commission’s non-horizontal merger guidelines acknowledge that vertical mergers provide substantial scope for efficiencies but also outline an efficiencies assessment based on the framework developed in horizontal merger (...)

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