Benoit Le Bret

Gide Loyrette Nouel (Brussels)
Lawyer (Associate)

Benoît Le Bret became partner at the Gide Brussels office in 2008, after spending nine years at senior level for the European Commission and seven years working for the French finance Ministry (Paris and Brussels).

He has recognised experience in competition law, particularly in the field of State aid (financial services, transport, environment, energy, agriculture) and cartels.

Benoît specialises in various European regulations (structural funds, gambling, transport and aerospace, energy, telecoms, e-commerce) and is able to draw on a particularly high level of expertise gained in financial services and transport. He has in-depth knowledge and understanding of internal market rules and of community actors and procedures (legislative co-decision, complaints and infringements, EU budget), and has a wealth of experience in negotiating with the EU Commission as well as EU agencies and authorities such as ESMA.

He currently represents and advises clients in the private equity and venture capital industry for all EU-relevant regulatory matters, as well as large firms such as KKR and SNCF respectively for portfolio companies-related matters and for EU railway reforms and possible State aid. He handles State aid cases in various Member States (France, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, the UK, Estonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece) and sectors (automotive, healthcare, electricity etc.).

Benoît regularly drafts complaints to the EU Commission to redress or protect the interests of his clients in a broad range of sectors, including the press, tax, environment, public tenders, gambling, energy and mining. For instance, following a complaint regarding the violation of EU public tender law, Benoît successfully contributed to restoring Alstom’s access to a major contract in Romania.

His working languages are French, English and German.

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