Antoni Vassileff

AdVolis (Brussels)

Antoni Vassileff heads the Brussels office of Advolis. His experience in trustee assignments covers the monitoring of behavioural and structural commitments as well as acting as divestiture trustee. His prior experience includes the handling of merger cases at the European Commission’s Competition DG and consulting work for companies investing in emerging markets. Antoni has an engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique (France) and graduated in economics, accounting, and finance from Ecole des Ponts (France). His master’s degree from KSG’s Harvard University was devoted to microeconomic analysis.

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DG COMP (Brussels)
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Antoni Vassileff The EU Commission conditionally approves a merger in the electrical equipment sector leading to a creation of a dominant position by accepting structural remedies offered by the parties (Schneider Electric / APC)


"Schneider/APC : a textbook first-phase case with creation of dominant position and structural remedies"* On December 12, 2006, the French company Schneider notified its proposed acquisition of the US-based company American Power Conversion (APC) to the Commission. The main overlap in the (...)

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