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Anton Dinev

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Researcher and Consultant

Having studied at Sofia University in Bulgaria, Anton Dinev also holds a French Maîtrise (M1) in European Law from Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris I) University and a Research Master’s degree (M2R) in Law of the European Union from Panthéon-Assas (Paris II) University. He is currently a PhD candidate at Dauphine University in Paris, focusing on the comparative study of EU and U.S. antitrust laws. Other areas of interest include Economic Regulation and EU Internal Market Law. Languages spoken : Bulgarian, English and French.

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23208 Bulletin

Anton Dinev The Bulgarian Competition Authority sanctions as abusive the uniform prices that a monopolistic supplier of heating energy used to charge on its downstream competitors in the heat-measurement sector of Sofia (Toplofikatsia Sofia)


1. Further to a rather uncommon signal by the Supreme Administrative Public Prosecutor’s Office in July 2013, the Bulgarian competition authority commenced, on its own motion, proceedings against several undertakings active in Sofia’s heating utility sector. The proceedings included on-site (...)

Anton Dinev The Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court upholds the Competition Authority’s decision finding no infringement of Article 102 TFEU in a case involving the concurrent application of competition rules and communications regulation (BTC Cable Ducts)


I. Introduction 1. Almost three months before the ECJ held its decision upon a preliminary reference in Tele2 Polska, a five-judge panel of the Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court (’SAC5’), in a judgment of 15 February 2011 , reached an opposite conclusion, approving the NCA’s power to find no (...)

Anton Dinev The Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court approves the Competition Authority’s clarification of the concept of concentration but quashes the fine for non-notification (Allianz Leasing Bulgaria)


I. Introduction 1. An ex officio investigation of Allianz Bulgaria Holding’s non-notified acquisition of Allianz Leasing Bulgaria (formerly Balkan Star Services), a vehicle leasing company, gave both the Competition Protection Commission (hereinafter ‘CPC’) and the Supreme Administrative Court (...)

Anton Dinev The Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court discusses in detail the legal consequences of failure to comply with the obligation to inform the EU Commission (Insurance Cartel)


Abstract : The case provides an useful illustration of the impact the national institutional and procedural autonomy principle may have on the present EU antitrust enforcement system. Indeed, since Regulation 1/2003 is directly applicable within the national legal orders and consequently the (...)

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