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Ann-Christin Richter

Hausfeld (Berlin)
Deputy Managing Partner

Dr. Ann-Christin Richter is Deputy Managing Partner at Hausfeld in Berlin. She advises on all aspects of competition law and represents clients in antitrust and IP litigation. Ann-Christin specializes in representing clients in cartel damages actions, both on the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s side. She is also experienced in defending clients in cartel investigations by competition authorities and in conducting internal investigations. A further focus of Ann-Christin’s practice is providing advice in abuse of dominance cases and at the interface of IP and antitrust law. Ann-Christin has represented clients before numerous German courts as well as before the European General Court. Ann-Christin studied in Hanover, Hamburg, Berlin and Durham. She holds a LL.M. from Durham University and a Ph.D. from Freie Universität Berlin, both with a focus on competition law. Prior to joining Hausfeld, Ann-Christin worked for two international law firms in German and European competition law and antitrust and IP litigation for several years. She further worked as an antitrust expert for a major international pharmaceutical and healthcare company.

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858 Bulletin

Ann-Christin Richter, Dr. Asja Zorn The EU Court of Justice rules on the temporal applicability of the cartel damages directive and clarifies the statute of limitation in cartel damages (Volvo / DAF Trucks)


In its latest decision regarding the Trucks cartel the European Court of Justice (“ECJ“) once again clarified statute of limitation issues. Although the decision primarily dealt with the temporal applicability of the 2014 EU Damages Directive, it draws important implications for the (...)

Lesley Hannah, Ann-Christin Richter The EU Court of Justice provides guidance on patent settlements between manufacturers of the originator and generic medicines (Generics - UK / GlaxoSmithKline / Actavis / Xellia Pharmaceuticals / Merck / Alpharma)


On 30 January 2020, the European Court of Justice released its judgment relating to a patent dispute between the pharmaceutical patent-holder, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), and a generic drug maker concluding that originators and generics are in fact “potential competitors” if the generic drugmaker has (...)

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