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Andy Baziliauskas

Charles River Associates International (CRA) (Toronto)

Andy Baziliauskas is a specialist in industrial organization, microeconomics, and econometric analysis. He has consulted for numerous clients on competition matters, including mergers, refusal to deal, abuse of dominance, and price fixing. Dr. Baziliauskas has also consulted for private and public sector clients in the areas of damages estimation, international trade, and regulation. Prior to becoming an economic consultant, he was a senior economist at the Canadian Competition Bureau, and in 1998 he was appointed the coordinator of the Bureau’s Enforcement Economics Division. Dr. Baziliauskas holds a PhD in economics from the University of Western Ontario, and he has taught courses in economics at various universities. He has published several articles in the area of competition economics and policy and has made numerous presentations on competition issues.

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Andy Baziliauskas, Frank Mathewson The Canadian Competition Tribunal dismisses allegations due to a refusal to deal under the amended Section 75 of the Competition Act (B-Filer / The Bank of Nova Scotia)


Tribunal Dismisses B-Filer’s Refusal to Deal Application* On December 20, 2006, the Competition Tribunal released its decision in B-Filer Inc. v. The Bank of Nova Scotia, the first fully contested case under the amended Section 75 of the Competition Act and the first contested case brought (...)


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