Vinod Dhall

Talwar, Thakore & Associates (New Delhi)
Executive Chairman, Competition

Vinod Dhall was the first Member and acting Chairman of the Competition Commission of India (CCI). He set up the CCI and created its institutional and procedural framework. He has been associated closely with the origination and development of the Indian competition law from the stage of its formulation and enactment. After demitting office at the CCI, Vinod Dhall set up his practice which is recognised as a leading competition law practice in India ; he is himself seen by some as an “expert amongst experts”. He has advised / represented several multinational and Indian companies on both merger control and antitrust matters. Vinod Dhall has had a ‘best friends’ relationship with Linklaters on Indian Competition Law matters and the practice is now run in collaboration with TT&A, a leading corporate law firm that also has a ‘best friends’ relationship with Linklaters.

Auteurs associés

ESSEC Business School (Cergy)
Malaysia Competition Commission (Kuala Lumpur)
University of Hong Kong
RBB Economics (Melbourne)
Saint-Gobain (Paris)
Competition Consulting Asia
Indonesian Commission for the Supervision of Business Competition (Jakarta)
Indian Competition Commission (New Delhi)


Vinod Dhall
Vinod Dhall 25 avril 2016 Singapour
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