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Luca Aguzzoni

European Commission (Brussels)
Chief Economist

Luca is an economist specialized in competition policy. He joined the Chief Economist Team in July 2014 after working for four years as a senior consultant at Lear. He has experience on cases of abuse of dominance and collusion, mergers, follow-on private damages claims, IPRs damages assessment, technical assistance (World Bank projects), ex-post merger evaluation. He worked across many industrial sectors like Oil Refined Products, Media, Retailing, Telecom, Packaging and Internet markets. Before specializing on competition issues he worked as an economist on social security and pension issues. He has experience in applied microeconomics and econometrics, micro-simulation modeling and analysis. I have also taught both executive training courses and undergraduate level courses. Luca graduated in Economics at Bocconi University and holds a PhD in Economics from the European University Institute where he wrote a thesis on consumer and competition policy.

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206 Bulletin

Benno Buehler, Luca Aguzzoni, Luca Di Martile The EU Commission study analyzes two national telecom merger cases, and finds an associated increase in prices in the Netherlands case, but not in the Austria case (T-Mobile / Orange), (T-Mobile / tele.ring)


Ex post analysis of two mobile telecom mergers : T-Mobile/tele.ring in Austria and T-Mobile/Orange in the Netherlands* In a nutshell : Ex post evaluation of merger decisions is a valuable tool for improving the understanding of markets and to assess merger control policy. To provide reliable (...)

Jullien Sylvestre, Luca Aguzzoni, Thomas Buettner The EU Commission clears acquisition of the third-largest company by the second-largest company in the market for industrial chocolate, subject to conditions (Cargill / ADM)


Cargill/ADM : How far would you go for chocolate ?* In a nutshell : This case involved assessing the horizontal overlaps between two of the top three producers of industrial chocolate in Europe. Key elements were the reconstruction of market shares based on a customer- and plant-based (...)

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