Elizabeth Xiao-Ru Wang

Compass Lexecon (Boston)
Executive Vice President

Dr. Elizabeth Xiao-Ru Wang is a Senior Vice President t Compass Lexecon. She has provided economic analyses on issues of merger review, intellectual property rights, commercial disputes, and assessment of damages, especially in cross-border matters. She has submitted reports to antitrust government agencies in US and in China. Dr. Wang frequently speaks and publishes on antitrust and IP issues, and has testified at a US congressional hearing on antitrust issues in China.


Auteurs associés

New York University
World Bank (Nairobi)
Competition Consulting Asia
SKP Group
Chaves, Gelman, Machado, Gilberto e Barboza (São Polo)
University of Johannesburg
The Brattle Group
Levy & Salomao (Rio de Janeiro)


Elizabeth Xiao-Ru Wang
Elizabeth Xiao-Ru Wang 24 octobre 2014 New York


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